Not Me | Sponsoring Our Sudanese Orphan

Margret Maidi Mohammed


During our prayer time this morning, I asked my oldest daughter what she would like me to pray for her about.  She replied, “Not me.  Pray for the Sudanese.”  Her seven year old heart often seems more loving and selfless than mine of 33 years.  We pray for Margret (the child this photography business supports) living in the orphanage called Our Father’s Cleft in the Nuba mountains of Sudan nearly everyday.  My daughter and I read the news together of horrific stuff happening to the people of Nuba in Sudan and our hearts ache, thinking that a child we have never met but have grown to love, lives in the middle of all this tragedy.  We pray for God to be her Father, that He would heal deep wounds, that she would be protected, and that He would bring change to Sudan through Margret and the hundreds of other children Make Way Partners cares for.  Please pray with us, and even consider sponsoring a child in this war-torn country.  I’m so thankful and grateful for the ones serving on the front lines through Make Way Partners.  I pray for God to give them strength and endurance to continue in this fight.

Thank you to all the families whose babies I’ve had the pleasure to photograph.  Because of you, we get to help support this beautiful girl and help bring hope to her life.  As you enjoy the beautiful photographs of the babies you love so deeply, may it serve as a reminder to pray for the least of these.

Six Orphans Killed in Nuba by Islamic Bombs


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