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Jordan and Rylie wood


Okay, so these aren’t baby pictures…but they’re pictures of my baby girls who are growing up way too fast!  My oldest is going into second grade and her little sister is starting kindergarten.  Some days, I want to stop time.  Other days, not so much, lol!  My sister-in-law tells me “the days are long, but the years are short”.  How true that is!  I love my kids more than I ever thought was possible.  And I’m pretty sure that’s a universal feeling of moms around the world.

I had the privilege of getting to homeschool my oldest daughter this last school year.  I LOVED it!  I loved getting so spend more than a few hours with her a day, and I loved that we could learn about people all over the world and pray for others as part of our school day.  As we prayed, God truly grew in us a heart for the least of these in our world.  Over time, we decided to start doing something about it.

I had been following Make Way Partners (www.makewaypartners.org) ever since I learned of the reality of human trafficking several years ago.  They are an organization that works mostly in Sudan and South Sudan, a war-torn country where women and children are most at risk of trafficking, yet have little to no help because of the dangers there. We decided that we would sponsor a girl from one of the three orphanages supported by Make Way Partners.  You can see her picture on the About Me page.

You know, I love to photograph babies.  During the school year this last semester, my time was limited with homeschooling and I had to turn down many of your inquiries for a photo shoot.  It was so hard and sad to say “no”, as I really enjoy doing this photography thing.  I was afraid that I was going to have to sell all my stuff and quit doing it all together.  But, God has allowed me to continue on this journey…only, with a bit of a change.  Any money that I make above babysitting costs, equipment maintenance costs, and client product will go directly towards sponsoring our girl in Sudan! 

I’ve also changed what a newborn photo shoot looks like.  I’m gearing my newborn sessions toward parents who want “just a few” high quality, hand-edited digital photos that they can share and print however they wish.  Because I don’t offer products, you won’t have to order a certain amount in prints just to get the digitals, which most people want anyway!  My newborn session agreement guarantees at least 15 images (color + b&w = 30), but a client will likely receive a few more than that.  To keep the session time much shorter than the typical 3-4 hours, I’ll pose baby in “natural” poses and only use one or two setups.  Small adjustments in the details of the pose and the change of wraps, bonnets, and/or headbands will add great variety to the newborn images. Check out the Newborn Portrait Agreement page to learn all the details.

My baby sessions are pretty much the same…except that I have a new wood backdrop!  Did you notice it in the pictures of my girls?  I love it!  I’ll be posting a couple of one year baby sessions using this backdrop so you can see more of it in action:).

Thank you for reading this far!  If you’re interested in scheduling a session, use the Contact Me page.  I’m fully booked until September though!

P.S.  I’m going to start posting links to the Make Way Partners website to keep updated on what’s going on with the work in Sudan.  Well, I’m going to try…I can’t seem to link anything in this post.  Please check it out to learn more about the selfless work of so many in the fight against human trafficking.


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